Red Clay Technology Group began in 1999 as a systems engineering group for a software development firm. Our core group of engineers designed and built the systems that ran software powering the early web pioneers. We were part of the first group to design and build an online processing system for secure banking transactions. In speaking with other organizations, engineers quickly learned that many firms needed the kind of skills they demonstrated every day, but did not have the budget for it.

Founders Ray Washburn and Damon Porrill started Red Clay Technology Group with the simple philosophy that professional services should be available to all businesses. Our founding principal is the belief that a highly managed, secure, converged network for voice, video and data that adds value to an organization, should be within reach of every firm.

We have grown tremendously adding team members, additional services and partners who share our vision of network services. Over the years the capabilities of cloud based services has grown, extending the reach of our services with greater efficiency. We are always looking for new ways to meet the demands of our clients, but our guiding principles demand that we also add value to our clients business.

Our clients range from medical, legal, manufacturing and professional firms small and large. We work exhaustively for our clients and measure our success not just by our bottom line, but by the success of each and every one them. We know that is different from many technology firms, but different is good.